A Golden Opportunity

Discover the next big wave in NFTs! Matador getting ready to launch its upcoming Airdrop event! We’ll be releasing our first collection of Matador NFTs, with a can’t-miss Airdrop event for exclusive first access!

Art Meets Bitcoin

Matador is about to bring together the brilliance of world-class artists and the infrastructure of Bitcoin. Through our exciting upcoming partnership with leading blockchain artists, we've conceived a range of AI Augmented Art NFTs that aren't just visually captivating but are also assets with real-world value.

Preservation Perfected

Our NFTs aren't just going to be another digital asset. Permanently anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain through the pioneering Ordinals technology, each Matador NFT is an emblem of security and longevity.

Here Comes the Phygital Phenomenon

Ever wanted to hold your digital art? With Matador NFTs, you can! Each piece of artwork can be printed on 24k gold, combining traditional art with the innovation of digital ownership. Go beyond buying art – experience it.

Here Comes the Airdrop Event of the Year

Our Airdrop event is just around the corner. But don’t wait! Click here to Join our Waitlist and be ready for the launch!