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Best Ways to Buy Gold Online

Best Ways to Buy Gold Online

A common question for beginner gold investors to ask is ‘how to buy gold?’ The answer is actually pretty simple – anyone can buy gold online. With the increase of online gold dealers, buying high quality gold online has never been easier. Just look up where to buy gold and you’ll see multiple places to buy gold online. This necessitates some caution, however, as when you buy gold online there are occasional reports of fake gold or counterfeit coins being sold. It is extremely important to make sure the website you’re purchasing from is reputable. This article is going to walk you through how to buy gold online, what an online gold dealer is, and how to establish a reputable gold dealer from a non-reputable gold dealer.

How to Buy Gold Online

Buying gold online is similar to buying any other products online. With just a few clicks, you can review the product, compare similar items, add them your cart and have the gold shipped to you or a securely vetted vault within a couple of days. After your payment is finalized and the check out is completed, you will receive an email confirmation as well as shipping details, similar to email confirmations received with other online purchases… here’s the rub.

When buying gold online you can either receive your gold through the mail or place it in a secured vault to reduce risk of theft. This can be a difficult concept to grasp as it doesn’t quite follow the typical format of online shopping and instead starts to merge with investments. Once you grasp this idea fully, however, and all its benefits, buying gold online will become extremely easy.

What is an online gold dealer?

Online gold dealers are websites you can visit that have vendors offering different types of investment-worthy gold. Using different websites, investors can compare prices across multiple vendors and make the best decision according to their own priorities of shipping speed and price. Top gold dealers often provide the option of having your product shipped directly to you or held in a secured vault. So, what is the safest option? 

After you purchase your gold there may be a temptation to store your investment in your home. There are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision though. Home insurance is the biggest factor.  If you choose to store your gold in your home, your home insurance may not properly cover the gold you intend to keep. Keeping your insurance plan up-to-date is extremely important, though it may be time consuming and expensive. As well, storing your gold at home may not be the safest option as home security cannot beat the security of a depositary or a secure vault. In our opinion the safest option is to have your gold stored in a secure vault. 

How to choose an online gold dealer

There are certain qualities you should look for when buying gold online to ensure you are making the best investment. These qualities are not hard to look for, and will help you make the decision to trust a gold dealer or not. So, let’s get into it. 

Investing in gold should be treated the same as any other investment, or even choosing a restaurant to eat at. You wouldn’t choose to eat at a restaurant that has a poor reputation and a one star review. The process of choosing a reliable gold dealer is very similar. How companies have treated their customers in the past is an excellent indication of how they will treat their customers in the future. Make sure the online gold dealer is established and has positive reviews before moving forward.

The next quality you should look for when choosing a gold dealer is clear policies on returns, exchanges and buybacks. Most dealers follow a three to five day police on product returns, in which you may even have to pay a fee for. This is important as exchanging and buybacks are essential to making money from investing. Returns, exchanges and buybacks that have large transaction fees can really hurt your profit. 

The last quality you should look for in a gold dealer is their payment options. You are a customer and it is important that the gold dealer you wish to work with accepts your preferred method of payment. Popular payment methods with gold dealers include credit cards, money orders, cheques, PayPal, wire transfers, and bitcoin. Though these payment methods are popular, they are not guaranteed.

Why choose Matador?

Matador is a newer network, but you shouldn’t let that fool you. Matador has quickly been established with glowing customer reviews as a platform that is reliable and easy to use. Matador is designed to allow consumers to buy and sell their gold and even earn through a loyalty program. Matador works hard to ensure that users are offered flexible payment terms as well as fewer transactional fees.

How to buy Gold on the Matador Network

Buying gold online can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the game. Matador’s easy-to-use network can aid you through the process of buying gold and allow you to make personalized decisions for your investment. Let’s take a look at how this process works. 

All physical gold that is underpinning the Matador Network is kept in vaults that are Matador-certified, including but not limited to the Royal Canadian Mint. The gold can be traded on Matador’s platform which allows users to earn loyalty points with their gold holdings. Corporate gold owners can log into the Matador Network and list their gold holdings. After verification, the gold can be used on Matador’s Network. This process is extremely easy and does not require technical skills. Finally, users can buy and sell this gold through Matador’s platform, which is available anywhere, 24/7 with analysis that provides up-to-the-minute analysis. 

Enter the Matador Network

Buying gold online can be challenging and have ups-and-downs. Though there are risks that come when you buy gold online, it can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Investing in gold is not for everyone but Matador makes investing gold accessible even for beginners by creating an easy-to-access and inclusive way to buy and sell gold.

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