Dragons' den alum Michael Wekerle appointed to matador advisory board

May 3, 2023

MAY 3 2022 // CNW // TORONTO, CANADA – Representatives from Matador Gold Technologies announced today the appointment of merchant banking personality and Dragons’ Den alum, Michael Wekerle, to their advisory board. Wekerle takes his place with several other high profile investors, such as iGaming Ontario Board Chair, Dave Forestell and former CEO of FansUnite, Darius Eghdami.

Wekerle will help support the app as it exits its first round of iOS beta testing, paving the way for new features, functionality, and ultimately bringing new eyes to the innovative technology. Deven Soni, CEO of Matador, said:

“We are thrilled to have Michael on board with us. To have someone with his knowledge and expertise means a great deal to both our team and our purpose.”

Vice President Nigel Holmes added: “We’re excited about all the possibilities this new partnership presents, and the ability to provide expanded support as we head towards a full scale launch later this year.”

Founded in 2021, Matador’s mission is to solve the long standing problem with gold buying in Canada. “The world doesn’t work the same as it did 20 years ago, much less two or three years ago, especially given the advent of a global pandemic,” says Soni, “While gold is still considered a safe haven store of value, even during this time of economic uncertainty, the way we buy, sell, and store these tangible goods doesn’t represent the challenges of today. Gold needs to catch up with other assets to attract the interest of a younger, more tech-savvy generation.”

The Matador app is a holistic solution for gold buyers, and is currently being billed as the primary online solution for safely buying, storing, and selling real gold in Canada. Gold is securely stored at certified vaults such as the Royal Canadian Mint’s vault in Ottawa. While users can view their holdings in real time, the app also provides much needed liquidity to gold buying and selling within Canada. Matador allows for full visibility of your assets – no waiting in lines for banks or safety deposits, rather, 24/7/365 access.

Key features of the Matador app will include:

  • 24/7 buying and selling options
  • No minimums on gold purchases, buy as little as 1 gram
  • Storage at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Encrypted between customer and Matador
  • Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) optionality
  • Up-to-the-minute pricing
  • Innovative loyalty and rewards programs

With various partnerships spanning the commodities, web3, and tech industries, Matador’s backers include Kitco Metals, HIVE Blockchain, and Osisko Mining.

Learn more about Matador Gold Technologies Inc. at https://www.buymatador.com/

For all media and press related inquiries, please contact:

Henry Chen, CMO

Matador Gold Technologies Inc.


About Michael Wekerle

Michael Wekerle is a rock star in the world of Canadian finance, known for his shrewd value in the fields of tech, biotech and media. As the founder and Chairman of the merchant bank Difference Capital Financial Inc., he oversees a fund that includes such successful growth companies as Hootsuite, Vision Critical, BuildDirect and Blue Ant Media. He also holds significant real estate assets, including an impressive portfolio of high-tech commercial properties in Waterloo, Ontario, as well as the historic Toronto entertainment venue  El Mocambo. His latest venture includes a partnership for the Canadian franchise of Wahlburgers—Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg’s Boston-based burger chain.

About Matador Gold Technologies Inc.

Matador is democratizing the gold buying experience by bringing it into the 21st century. Combining the best of modern technology and time-proven assets, Matador’s proprietary app will allow users to buy, sell, and store gold 24/7, with the added security and flexibility of a mobile application. The Matador platform is Matador’s sole product and is targeted for a public launch in Q3 2023.