1. Who We Are

Matador Gold Technologies Inc. (“Matador” or “We”) is an Ontario business corporation headquartered at 1 University Avenue, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 2P1. Matador is engaged in the business of selling precious metals, notably: gold.

2. Our Approach To Privacy

Matador’s mission is to modernize the buying and selling of precious metals by providing a convenient, easy-to-use, dealer platform (the “Matador Platform”) that strives to offer the lowest prices in Canada. 

Matador keeps prices low by digitizing the gold buying experience through its applications available on app stores (collectively, “Apps”). Digital experiences are generally more convenient and lower cost than in-person dealers, but there are additional privacy issues that arise from online business transactions, which are detailed further below in this policy. 

3. Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Law And Your Privacy

Matador is what FINTRAC, the part of the Canadian government that undertakes financial surveillance and oversees many aspects of Canada’s anti-money laundering/anti-terrorist financing system, describes as “a dealer in precious metals and precious stones” (DPMS). As a DPMS, Matador is required to maintain certain records and collect identity information. 

Matador at all times follows the law, and there are privacy implications of these rules. In addition to mandatory reporting as required under the principal federal legislation (the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and its regulations), Matador may also disclose information related to potential criminal activities to its partners, including financial institutions, service providers, and professional advisors. Matador may also file suspicious activities reports (which it may not be strictly required to file) with government agencies (i.e. FINTRAC) if it believes that it may be in the best interests of Matador, the integrity of the Canadian financial system, or for the protection of a Matador user. 

4. Collection Purposes

We collect personal information and anonymized information that could potentially be connected to personal information either now or in the future (together, “Personal Information”), in order to:

  1. provide precious metals dealing services to you as a customer; and,
  2. comply with Canadian law; and,
  3. proving your identity; and,
  4. prevent and stop abuse of Matador’s services; and,
  5. to ensure compliance with the rules imposed by our service providers, such as payment processing companies; and,
  6. marketing activities such as user giveaways, surveys, etc.; and,
  7. providing customer support or other services that you request; and,
  8. to improve the Matador services.

We may also use your Personal Information in order to provide you with information about new products and services from Matador. 

You can opt out of this use of your Personal Information by unsubscribing or, by providing notice to Matador using the contact information found below in this privacy policy.

We may also ask you at the point of collection for consent to use your Personal Information for other purposes.  

5. Disclosure

Matador reserves the right to provide Personal Information or other information that may relate to you to Canadian law enforcement if it believes that doing so is in the best interests of Matador or its customers. 

You may be provided with the ability to refer a friend to sign up for Matador’s products and services. If you choose to take advantage of this feature, then Matador may share with any friend that you encourage to sign up: (i) your name and/or username; and (ii) the fact that you are an existing customer of Matador (if you are).

6. Affiliates

We may share your Personal Information with our affiliates, combine information internally across our affiliates or our different products and services, or combine Personal Information with demographic information, publicly available records and other third-party information sources. We may use this information to provide you with a customized experience, to promote and develop products and services available through Matador or its affiliates, or as otherwise permitted by this Policy.

7. Technological Security And Integrations

We make use of third-party services for sending and receiving emails to customers (and other people interested in Matador’s products and services). We may make use of other similar services, such as online document management, identity verification, and other services, in order to provide certain necessary functionality within the Apps or as part of offering other products and services to you (and others). In all cases, we only make use of third-party services that are subject to confidentiality provisions in the contractual arrangements that define our use of these services. 

Matador’s products and services are typically provided from cloud servers in Canada and elsewhere. We make use of permissions and other security tools provided by cloud vendors, and we have implemented further controls in the software that powers the Apps. Where commercially reasonable, we make use of these tools and others to ensure that only people with a need to know have access to Personal Information. 

Matador makes use of industry standard tools for profiling and analysing user behaviour within Matador’s Apps and with other Matador marketing channels, such as Matador’s websites and marketing pages. Typically this information will be device statistics and behaviours that are not linked to your identity (“telemetry”) but in some cases, as a registered user of Matador Apps, your identity and actions within the specific application will be related to your Personal Information. Some of the foregoing may involve licensed technology obtained from or deployed to jurisdictions outside of Canada (e.g. AWS cloud hosting or Google analytics).

We make use of cookies, session identifiers, and other technologies, some through third-parties, to provide these connections, for the purpose of debugging and improving the Matador services. 

8. Correcting Errors

We are required to maintain accurate and complete information about Matador customers in accordance with Canadian anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing laws, but we also encourage users to write to us if we have incorrect or outdated Personal Information on file. 

You may write to Matador using the contact information found later in this policy if you would like to ensure that Matador holds accurate Personal Information about you. 

9. Successors And Assigns

Matador’s business, including the Personal Information collected, may in the future be sold to another business or become a part of another business. Matador may disclose Personal Information as part of a reorganization of our business, the sale of all or substantially all of its business, or as part of the sale of the portion of the business that concerns the Apps. 

10. Contact Information

Please address correspondence to “Chief Privacy Officer”. We will do our best to be able to provide you with specific and actionable information with respect to your Personal Information or other privacy inquiries.


1 University Avenue, Unit 300, 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5J 2P1