Matador CEO Deven Soni talks the future of digital assets on spare change podcast

December 13, 2022


DECEMBER 12 2022 / TORONTO - Tune into our Co-Founder and CEO Deven Soni's appearance on the Spare Change podcast, where he talks all things digital investing, blockchain technology, and how businesses are integrating their existing platforms for current markets.

In this exclusive interview, Deven discusses the future of digital assets both short- and long-term, in particular how the market outlook is changing for traditionally physical assets like gold.

Listen in to hear Deven's thoughts on:

- what tokenized gold will mean for trading markets
- consistent performers in digital finance and blockchain
- the viability of digital assets within current social norms
- and more

Deven's podcast appearances will continue throughout 2022 and 2023 – keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter for more announcements.

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About Matador

Matador is revolutionizing the gold industry by bringing it to the digital era. Matador is a DTC company that sells premium gold, such as ESG gold, directly to retail using Matador’s proprietary mobile platform. Installment plans define the Matador experience, enabling buy now, pay monthly for gold. It also enables retail gold buyers to buy/sell gold in a 24/7 marketplace with the best pricing, user-interface, and payment terms.

About Spare Change

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