Watch: Matador found Deven Soni Hosts investor & stakeholder webinar

April 20, 2023

APRIL 20 / TORONTO, CANADA - Matador CEO Deven Soni hosted an internal investor & stakeholder Q&A on YouTube, where he answered many questions about the app's functionality, broader release dates, the gold market as it stands today, and more.

Co-host and Matador Co-Founder Tyler Koverko chatted with Deven about the app's bright future, lofty goals, and the timelessness of gold liquidity. Watch the full Q&A to learn more about Matador and the disruptive technology we’re bringing to the gold trading experience. Our modern gold trading platform allows users to buy, store, sell, and redeem real gold using a mobile application, with every transaction executed in just minutes. Now in the early startup phase, Matador is planning a public investment round, and expanding rapidly.

About Matador Gold Technologies Inc.

Matador is revolutionizing the gold industry by bringing it to the digital era. Matador is a DTC company that sells golddirectly to retail users using Matador’s proprietary mobile platform. Installment plans define the Matador experience, enabling buy now, pay monthly (at today’s prices) for gold. It also enables retail gold buyers to buy/sell gold in a 24/7 marketplace with the best pricing, user-interface, and payment terms.

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